Good morning, political law links

CU AND CHANGE.    OS.  “Eight years ago, the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. FEC defined the modern federal campaign finance system. How did we get there, and how has the system continued to evolve?”

NEW NOMINEE.   HILL.  “President Trump on Wednesday nominated a new director for the federal government’s ethics office, several months after the previous director resigned over frustration with the administration.”

DEPARTING COMMISSIONER.   WP.  “With Goodman’s departure, the FEC has a bare-minimum quorum of four members — two Republicans, one Democrat and one independent — whose unanimous votes are now required to take official action.”

MD:  COMPLAINT ON REPORTING.   BS.  “Howard County’s Republican Central Committee has filed a complaint with the State Board of Elections against Democrat Calvin Ball’s county executive campaign, claiming Ball’s team made intentional errors in campaign finance reports from January 2017 and January 2018.”

WA:  TROUBLE FOR FB.   FN.  “Facebook could be facing major penalties after the executive director of the Seattle Ethics and Election Commission accused the social media giant this week of violating a city campaign finance law.”

WA:  CONSIDERING CHANGES.   NWN.  “According to the version in the House right now, nonprofits and other similar organization that spend $25,000 or more to advocate for or against ballot measures and candidates will have to disclose the names of donors that give more than $10,000.”


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