3.12.18 political law links

SLOW GOING.  CNS.  “Attorneys for the Republican party on Tuesday sought to convince an 11th Circuit panel Securities and Exchange Commission rules limiting political contributions from member firms is an unconstitutional violation of free speech rights.”

DINNER AND CONCERNS.   WE.  “President Trump is reportedly dining with top political supporters at a private residence Wednesday night, and the move is raising concerns about campaign finance impropriety.”

AL:  DEFINITION TWEAK.   APR.  “The director of the state Ethics Commission says a bill before Alabama lawmakers could weaken ethics enforcement in the state.”

AZ:  HORNE ON REFORM.   AZC.  “Tom Horne, the former Attorney General and Superintendent for Public Instruction, spent the better part of the last decade dogged by accusations of campaign shenanigans.”

CA:  TICKET HELP.   LAT.  “Under state law, a gift does not count as a gift if the politician reimburses the giver within 30 days of receiving it. But Wesson paid the theater back only months later, with two checks in December and January, according to his office.”

MI:  PARTY FINED.   WZZM.  “The Michigan Democratic Party was fined $8,600 by the Federal Election Commission last month as a result of excessive contributions and sloppy record keeping during the 2015-16 election cycle.”

OH:  DISMISSAL SOUGHT.   DIS.  “Ohio Supreme Court Justice Patrick DeWine is seeking the dismissal of a judicial ethics charge alleging he improperly used the influence of his office in asking a county prosecutor to hire his son for a summer job.”


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