5.10 political law links

FEC MEETING.  The agenda for today’s Federal Election Commission meeting is online.

MCCAIN WARNING.   USAT. “According to Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., a secretive, corrupting campaign finance system is at the root of political dysfunction dividing Americans across the country — and he says Congress better fix it.”

REPORTING IN-KINDS.   BG.  “A closer examination of his filings with the Federal Election Commission show that $4.48 million — or 96.6 percent — of the committee’s donations come from him. And it wasn’t even cash; the donations came in the form of in-kind contributions from the candidate.”

LOBBYING RULES IN THE NEWS.   NYDN.  “The embattled attorney and personal fixer to President Trump might have broken federal law by reportedly billing himself an informal White House lobbyist, promising sweeping access to the President to corporations with business before the government.”

CO:  COMPLAINT HIT.   CSI.  “The Republican Party of Chaffee County has some campaign finance problems, according to a complaint filed by the Chaffee County Democratic Party regarding the GOP’s campaign finance report filed last year.”

ID:  INVESTIGATION MISTAKE.   KXLY. “A top state election official apologized on Tuesday for wrongly stating a Republican gubernatorial candidate was under investigation.”

NH:  PUBLIC FINANCING PROPOSED.   WMUR.  “Democratic candidate for governor Steve Marchand wants to remove corporate and political action committee contributions from top state races and proposes using millions of state dollars for matching funds as an incentive for candidates to focus on low-dollar in-state donations.”

CAN:  ALBERTA LOBBYING RULES.   LEX.  “The fundamental principle of the Lobbyists Act—and of lobbying legislation in Canada generally—is to ensure transparency in lobbying activity through registration and the public disclosure of the identity of lobbyists, the organizations on whose behalf they are lobbying, and the subject matter of lobbying communications.”


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