6.14.18 political law links

AZ:  MONEY MOVE.   EAC.  “Republican Vernon Parker said last Wednesday he supports an initiative to outlaw ‘dark money’ in political campaigns because he knows what it’s like to be the victim of it.”

CA:  SECOND COMMISSIONER LEAVES.  SB.  “Commissioner Maria Audero, a Los Angeles employment law attorney, left the agency more than seven months before the conclusion of her term to assume a new role as a U.S. magistrate judge for the Central District of California.”

CO:  PART UNCONSTITUTIONAL.   USN.  “A federal judge has thrown out Colorado‘s voter-approved system for enforcing campaign finance violations.”

NM:  TAXPAYERS PAY.   USN.  ” New Mexico taxpayers will cover up to $133,000 in legal fees in a dispute between state campaign finance regulators and the gubernatorial campaign of Rep. Steve Pearce under a settlement agreement.”

OH:  CLAIMS AGAINST GROUP.   CL.  “A political watchdog organization is accusing a Dayton-based dark-money group of violating federal tax and campaign-finance law by undercounting the amount it spent on anti-Democrat attack ads.”

TX:  CALL FOR REFORM.  SAE.  “Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff has called on the state Legislature to reform Texas campaign finance laws during the 2019 legislative session.”

TX:  GROUP DRAWS COMPLAINT.   TT.  “Slick videos on the Indie Party website promote independent candidates as the solution to politics as usual, and the party offers a high-tech innovation: a crypto-currency called Indie Tokens that volunteers can earn and sell to donors and that can be used to buy campaign merchandise or political services from vendors, lawyers and pollsters.”

WA:  PANEL FINED.  TC.  “The Clark County Republican Central Committee will pay $74,725 as a result of a complaint made by the Washington Attorney General’s office for failing to report campaign contributions in a timely manner.”


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