9.24 Political Law Links

E-FILING ARRIVES.   YAH.  “For the first time, U.S. Senate candidates must file campaign finance reports electronically, giving the public more immediate access to information about the candidates’ campaign donors and spending.”

BIAS DENIED.   NYT.  “Sundar Pichai, Google’s chief executive, said in an email to employees on Friday that the company has never and will never bias its search results for political purposes.”

DONOR SPOTLIGHT.   NYT.  “The return on investment for many of the Republican Party’s biggest political patrons has been less than impressive this year. But not for Sheldon Adelson.”

STEAM LOST.   POLITICO.  “The Justice Department says that since FARA came under scrutiny, there has been a substantial uptick in foreign-agent registrations under the law, and the DOJ has issued twice as many advisory opinions about FARA to the industry this year as it had a year earlier.”

CA:  BAN APPROVED.   EN.  “The California Fair Political Practices Commission recently decided that political candidates in the state cannot receive cryptocurrencies as campaign contributions. To make its decision, the commission was informed by a staff report that indicated virtual currency could make campaign finance violations much more difficult to investigate.”

WI:  ETHICS EMPHASIS.   F11.  “Wisconsin Public Radio reports that LeaderEthics-Wisconsin is committed to ensuring political leaders at the statewide and national levels are handling issues in an ethical way. The organization recently held an event where former state lawmakers discussed their experiences with ethics in politics.”


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