OK, political law links for today 10-3

REGISTRATION EFFORT FUNDING.   STL.  “Sen. Claire McCaskill, who has made opposition to ‘dark money’ in politics a central focus of her re-election campaign and the primary reason she opposes Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, lauded the ‘good news’ of an outside group partially funded by undisclosed donors aiming to register 100,000 black voters in Missouri.”

“DARK MONEY” DEPLOYED.   FN.  “For as much as Democrats like to lament dark money, and by dark money we’re talking about money that comes from 501-C4 organizations. These are contributions that are unlimited to these organizations and undisclosed. These groups were popularized by the great decision in Citizens United. So we’re talking about Democrats who apparently deplore dark money, but they have set up not one level, not two levels, but three levels of secrecy in setting up this project.”

CO:  COMPLAINT MOVES.   CPR.  “The Colorado Secretary of State’s office has determined that a group aiming to elect unaffiliated candidates in Colorado and across the country has potentially violated state campaign finance laws.”

MD:  BILL DRAMA.   WP.  “A bill to create a public financing system for local political races in Prince George’s County advanced this week during a dramatic council meeting that was abruptly adjourned by Chair ­Dannielle M. Glaros and then restarted after one of her colleagues was elected temporary chair.”

NM:  OVERHAUL SKEPTICISM.   SNM.  “A proposal to overhaul the city of Santa Fe’s campaign finance system by letting publicly funded candidates raise extra money in small amounts got a frosty reception Monday from the city Finance Committee.”


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