10.31.18 political law links

CAMPAIGN FINANCE ON THE BALLOT.   NPR.  “Voters in more than a dozen states will vote on ballot questions next Tuesday to enact stringent laws on campaign finance and other government ethics issues affecting state and local lawmakers.”

ETHICS SCRUTINY.   TG.  “An ethics watchdog has referred findings of misconduct by the US interior secretary to lawyers at the justice department who will decide whether to pursue a criminal investigation, according to the Washington Post and CNN.”

KY:  GLITCHES IN SYSTEM.   GR.  “A state agency’s software system apparently has glitches that indicate two Scott County legislative candidates’ campaign-finance reports violate state law.”

MI:  COMPLAINT INVOLVES NEWSPAPER.   PN.  “A resident in Hayes Township is asking the state to take action on a formal campaign finance complaint filed against Frank Shepard and Leslie Cunningham — two proponents backing the Hayes Township Board of Trustees recall election on Nov. 6.”

NY:  SUPER PACS SPEND.   TU. “Spending by groups known as super PACs ahead of the November elections for the Assembly, Senate, attorney general and governor was at $8.07 million as of Monday afternoon, according to state Board of Elections records.”

VA:  CONFUSION IN ALEXANDRIA.   AG.  “A major contribution to a School Board candidate’s campaign became known to the public three years late.”


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