1-2-19 political law links

WARREN EXPLORES.  USAT. “Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren announced the formation of an exploratory committee for a presidential run, making her the highest-profile Democrat to formally move toward a bid for the White House in 2020.”

EXPLORING EXPLORATORY COMMITTEES. BG. “Senator Elizabeth Warren announced Monday that she’s forming a committee to explore a possible run for president. It’s a major step …”

FEC SHUTDOWN GUIDANCE. FEC. “Like many federal agencies, the FEC will be unable to provide any services during the government shutdown. Most agency staff will not report to work, and the agency’s offices will be closed to the public. “

LEGAL GOTCHA. TH. “Many of Trump’s accusers (like those who went after Edwards) are basing their case on alleged violations of federal campaign financing law which, unlike the well-understood and time-tested nature of crimes such as perjury and obstruction of justice, are a convoluted mess. “

SUPER PAC MOVE? POL. “House Democrats are planning a major ethics and campaign-finance reform push in early 2019, but lawmakers appear unlikely to halt a growing trend among big-money groups of hiding their donors. “

CONFRONTING CASH NEED.  WP. “A sprawling field of potential Democratic presidential candidates is simultaneously confronting the need to raise staggering sums of money — and to do so under demands from party activists to curb many of their traditional sources of campaign cash.”

ETHICS INVESTIGATED. FHT. “An investigative subcommittee (ISC) established by the House Ethics Committee in June to investigate spending practices within the office of Congressman David Schweikert (R-6 Arizona) has been authorized to expand the scope of that investigation. “

THE YEAR IN ETHICS. NPR. “It’s been a bad year for ethics in Washington. That’s true even when you set aside the Russia mess. NPR’s Peter Overby has the story. “

HOUSE RULES AND ETHICS LEADERS NAMED. RC. “House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy selected the top Republicans for the House Ethics and House Rules Committees in the new congress, which begins January 3.”

SD: DONOR DISCLOSURE. RCJ. “An out-of-state political action committee that ran advertisements supporting Kristi Noem and opposing Billie Sutton in the race for governor of South Dakota received $95,000 from undisclosed sources during the final week of the campaign.


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