2.25 political law links

AOC VIEW. WE. “She’s a hypocrite. The same ‘broken system’ has worked remarkably well in her favor and makes her re-election likelier with each passing day. “

MONEY MEANING. BDN. “Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont, raised approximately $6 million in the first 24 hours after his presidential campaign announcement. But his Democratic opponents shouldn’t be surprised or concerned.”

PIRRO DEBT. LH. “Fox News star Jeanine Pirro’s old U.S. Senate campaign committee is trying to dissolve itself without paying off nearly $600,000 in debts to 20 vendors.”

CA: SPIES AND LAW. VTD. “Healthcare Conglomerate Associates apparently violated California campaign finance regulations when the company failed to report a $230,000 payment to a political consulting firm hired to help the company hang on to a lucrative contract to run Tulare Regional Medical Center.”

HI: NEW REPORTS. HCB. “Because of the upcoming special election for the East Honolulu City Council seat, about 250 organizations must file extra campaign finance reports whether or not they have an interest in the race.”

NJ: DISCLOSE RETURNS FOR BALLOT ACCESS. SNOPES. “The New Jersey bill still needs to be passed by the state Assembly and signed by the governor before becoming law, and even then it would quite possibly be subject to legal challenges.”

WV: RAISE CONSIDERED. CGM. “The Senate Judiciary Committee passed Senate Bill 622 on Thursday and knocked down amendments that would delay its implementation until 2021 and increase transparency on certain contributions.”


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