3.7.19 political law links

SCHOCK DEAL. AXIOS. “Prosecutors on Wednesday dropped all criminal charges against former Republican congressman Aaron Schock, who was charged in 2016 with misspending campaign and government money for his personal benefit, the Washington Post reports.”

AOC ALLEGATIONS. NBC. “Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s congressional campaign has come under scrutiny in recent days for what a conservative group has alleged is a massive violation of campaign finance law.”

HR 1 DEBATE. RC. “Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell — who has led opposition to House Democrats’ campaign finance, elections and ethics overhaul, HR 1 — said Wednesday he believed lawmakers who support the measure may imperil their re-election chances.”

LEADERS ON HR 1. C-SPAN (video).

FL: MATCHING FUND MOVE. WAT. “Senate Joint Resolution 270 seeks to repeal the state law that authorizes public financing of campaigns and SJR 272 asks the Legislature to place a proposed amendment banning the use of public money for campaigns on the 2020 ballot.”

NY: REFORM PASSED. 13W. “The Senate on Tuesday unanimously passed a bill banning campaign contributions from companies seeking state contracts to elected officials with authority over state entities involved in the bidding process.”


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