3.12 political law links

SUPER PAC HIT. MJ. “The Federal Election Commission has hit Right to Rise USA, the super-PAC that backed Jeb Bush’s 2016 presidential bid, with a record fine for accepting a seven-figure donation from a company owned by Chinese nationals who were in business with Bush’s brother, Neil, according to FEC documents obtained by Mother Jones.”

AD REMOVAL BACK TRACK. POL. “Facebook removed several ads placed by Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign that called for the breakup of Facebook and other tech giants.”

FUNDING QUESTIONS. CST. “Those close to the former vice president believe he would start off at a fundraising disadvantage compared to would-be rivals, whose campaigns have benefited from an early flood of small-dollar donations from the most liberal wing of the party.”

HOLLOW PLEDGE. DB. “The PAC already appears to be engaging in familiar tactics to ostensibly ‘independent’ groups…”

WRONG CALL. WE. “Deep in H.R. 1 (page 456 of 570), the Democrats’ top bill of the session, is a plan to change the FEC from its current six-member structure to a five-member agency. “

NATURE OF TRANSACTION. WP. “Candidates are bound by limits on what they can raise to spend on their campaigns and where that money can come from. They also have to then report what was raised and spent. “

3M COMPLAINT. DNT. “A Washington-based election watchdog has filed a complaint against 3M Co., accusing the Minnesota-based company of violating a campaign finance rule that bars government contractors from donating to political groups.”

VA: GET TRAINED. SWT. “Becoming a candidate for office is much more complex than in the past, especially when it comes to campaign finance requirements. For that reason, Virginia Department of Elections (ELECT) is offering a series of training seminars this month, including one in Christiansburg.”

WV: BILL TO GOV. W13. “SB 622 was debated in the House of Delegates on Friday and passed the Senate on Saturday. It raises campaign finance limits to match federal limits.”


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