5.1.19 political law links

PAC REJECTION. WE. “Joe Biden, the latest Democrat to get into the 2020 presidential primary, does not want help from the political action committees known as ‘super PACs’ in winning the election.”

CA: MORE POWER? DP. “We believe the rules should apply to everyone, including public sector actors who now play fast and loose with election law in political campaigns. By empowering the FPPC with a valuable new enforcement tool, AB1306 would send a clear message that California won’t tolerate public agencies or official spending taxpayer dollars on campaign activities.”

KY: TIES. IL. “A mysterious super PAC that spent hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of radio and television ads in March advocating the election of the Democratic candidate for governor Adam Edelen shed the first light on its own inner workings on Friday, when it filed its initial report to the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance and revealed its deep-pocketed funders and consultants.”

NV: NO BILL. RGJ. “Yet with just a month to go before the end of Nevada’s hectic, biennial lawmaking session, Democrats with a near supermajority in both chambers say they’re still working on promised patches for the state’s threadbare political corruption statute.”

NY: UNEXPECTED FOE. NYT. “The last-minute opposition helped derail a push to introduce a small-donor matching system to state candidates; lawmakers ultimately agreed to allow a nine-member commission to decide later on a framework for public financing.”

OR: REFORM LEAD. OR. “Oregon’s political leaders know they have a big money problem — there’s no limit on the amounts special interests can use to buy influence in Salem. The governor and some legislators are considering a critical fix: capping donations to state candidates. That reform would help reduce the sway corporations and other entities have over Oregon’s laws and people’s lives.”

TX: NEW OFFENSIVE. EN. “Empower Texans made its name by using its political action committee’s deep pockets to threaten Republicans with aggressive primary challenges if they fell out of line with the conservative group’s hardline agenda.”


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