Tues., 8-20, Political LAW Links

DONOR DISCLOSURE. NYT. “At a time when Americans increasingly view members of the opposing political party as enemies, we should rethink campaign finance disclosure laws — especially for small donations.”

PERSONAL USE NEWS. RC. “An ex-congressman who diverted leftover campaign money towards dinners and dues at a private club outside of the Capitol just as he began to lobby his former congressional colleagues will only have to pay back a fraction of the campaign funds he misused.”

DARK PINOCCHIO. FB. ” The Washington Post fact-checker gave a new Democratic dark money ad targeting Sen. Susan Collins (R., Maine), who is up for reelection next year, three Pinocchios for claiming Collins put Social Security and Medicare ‘in jeopardy.'”

CA: BREED DONATION. SFC. “San Francisco Ethics Commission investigators are probing London Breed’s 2018 mayoral bid for possible campaign finance violations, according to documents obtained by The Chronicle.”

FL: MYSTERY ABOUNDS. TBT. “A secretive organization with the goal of thwarting amendments approved by voters after the 2020 election cycle has spent more than $800,000 on paid petition gatherers in the last four months, using funds from undisclosed sources and raising the specter of another high stakes fight over the future of energy regulation in Florida.”

NJ: GROUP CLOSED. NJG. “The General Growth Fund, a 501 (c)4 non-profit with ties to Democratic powerbroker George Norcross was dissolved earlier this year, the New Jersey Globe has learned.”

NY: BREAKFAST ON ME. GTH. “The Federal Election Commission (FEC) gives former members of Congress six months to wind down their campaign affairs after their last day in office. Leftover funds are to be refunded to donors, transferred to other political committees, or donated to charity.”

UT: WILD WEST. SLT. “Salt Lake City elections are the wild, Wild West when it comes to campaign finance.”


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