MON 08262019 political law links

DROP OUT FUNDS. LH. “But what exactly happens with your campaign contributions when a presidential candidate drops out of the race? Can they use your funds on fancy trips or private jets? According to rules set forth by the Federal Election Committee, any excess campaign funds are not allowed for personal use, but it’s entirely possible, and the world of campaign finance is needlessly complicated.”

LAST WEEK AT THE FEC. Last week’s Weekly Digest.

DAVID KOCH, 79. RC. “Republican mega-donor David Koch, who helped pioneer a network of often surreptitious organizations aimed at influencing elections and public policy, leaves behind a legacy of dark-money groups and a volatile political landscape.”

SUPER PAC LAUNCH. POL. “Democratic megadonor George Soros is creating a super PAC, called Democracy PAC, to serve as a hub for his 2020 election spending.”

CT: FINE LEVIED. GFP. “The State Elections Enforcement Commission (SEEC) has fined the former Democratic Town Committee Chair and BET member Tony Turner $52,000 following an investigation into a complaint by Joseph R Romano, Jr, Chair of the CT Republican party.”

VA: ACCUSATION. LN. “The Loudoun County Republican Committee has accused Algonkian District Board of Supervisors candidate Juli Briskman of a variety of campaign finance and disclosure violations, and called for an investigation.”


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