10.7 political law links

LAST WEEK AT THE FEC. Last week’s Weekly Digest.

DONOR LIST TARGETED. WWW. “According to a high-ranking FEC official, Chairwoman Ellen Weintraub ‘loved’ Cooper’s ruling. Although the agency would normally comply with an order, the official said that more could be done by not complying.”

SANDERS PLAN. NYP. “Bernie Sanders is unveiling a major campaign finance plan, continuing his 2020 presidential bid even as he’s at home recuperating from a heart attack.”

CONVENTION FUNDING PLAN. CNN. “If Sen. Bernie Sanders wins the Democratic Party’s nomination in 2020, he plans to halt all corporate donations to the party’s convention next summer. This as party leaders actively court donors for millions of dollars to pay for the event scheduled to take place next July.”

FL: CLEARED. MH. “The Miami-Dade Commission on Ethics & Public Trust concluded on June 12 that there was insufficient evidence Rosen Gonzalez, a former Miami Beach commissioner, had lobbied senior city staff on behalf of three businesses contracted to do flooding-related work for the city, according to the report.”

NJ: LAW ON HOLD. NJ. “New Jerseyans won’t know the names of the big spenders trying to influence state politics, after a federal judge on Wednesday halted the state’s ‘dark money’ law.”


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