10.28.19 political law links

GUILTY PLEA. USAT. “A venture capitalist who donated $900,000 to President Donald Trump’s inaugural committee is admitting to several charges, including hiding his work as foreign agent while lobbying U.S. government officials and making illegal campaign contributions, federal prosecutors announced Tuesday.”

HANDS-OFF SUPER PAC. BLM. “Joe Biden said Sunday that he would keep his distance from a super-PAC that a group of allies is preparing to launch as his campaign fundraising has fallen behind other leading Democratic presidential hopefuls.”

PAC COMPLAINT. ABC. “According to the complaint, America First Action, during the 2018 cycle, spent nearly $6.6 million on an ad blitz supporting former Rep. Pete Sessions, R-Texas, Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., and Montana Senate candidate Matt Rosendale, using multiple vendors linked to a political consulting firm called OnMessage, while the candidates were, at the same time, placing ads using a firm named National Media.”

CLEAN HOUSE. WE. “Thus, the president should consult with the Senate leadership of both parties and nominate six new commissioners, three Democrats and three Republicans — a clean sweep. There is no need for this to be a partisan exercise: Both Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Minority Leader Chuck Schumer surely know good campaign finance experts with unimpeachable credentials.”

AJS UPDATE. FORBES. “A nonprofit group with a bland name, Americans for Job Security, spent $5 million supporting Republicans in the 2010 midterms and $15 million denouncing former President Obama in the 2012 election, but until this week, the group never had to file disclosures showing where its money was coming from.”

NY: REVERSAL. NNPR. “A commission formed to create a public campaign financing system for New York elections reversed course this week, during a vote on how to structure a matching donor system.”

NY: GUIDE RIPPED. NYP. “A bipartisan quartet of City Council members ripped the Campaign Finance Board Friday for sending out voter guides that directed more than 100,000 residents to head to the wrong polls on Election Day. “


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