11.5.19 political law links

COMPLAINT REVIEW. HILL. “The House Ethics Committee announced on Monday that it is extending a review of Rep. Lori Trahan (D-Mass.) related to how she made personal loans to her campaign during a contested primary last year.”

ONLINE POWER. USAT. “Little on the left has been done to counter the president’s advertising onslaught online and what is being done is so far insufficient.”

DARK MONEY LAUNCH. FB. “A Washington, D.C.-based liberal group is launching a $75 million digital campaign against President Donald Trump ahead of the 2020 elections.”

CO: USE OF FUNDS. CC. “Galindo may have created even more questions with her most recent campaign finance report, filed with the Colorado Secretary of State’s office on Oct. 15, showing she reimbursed a large portion of the cash on hand back to herself for ‘professional services.'”

IL: COMPLAINT ON FEES. ABC. “The alderman that replaced Danny Solis in Chicago’s 25th Ward filed a complaint Monday accusing the former alderman of misusing thousands of campaign funds.”

TN: PENALTY REDUCED. TNN. “Expelled former lawmaker Jeremy Durham’s record-setting fine over campaign finance violations should be reduced to just $110,000, according to an administrative law judge.”

VA: AMAZON IN. BJRNLS. “Amazon.com Inc. donated $38,500 to Virginia political campaigns ahead of the commonwealth’s momentous statehouse elections Tuesday, making a turn towards powerful Republican lawmakers after largely striking a bipartisan balance with its previous political donations.”


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