12-3 political law links

PLEA ENTERED. LAT. “After years of denials and claims that he was the target of a political witch hunt, Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Alpine) is scheduled to appear in federal court Tuesday morning to plead guilty in a sweeping campaign finance investigation.”

BLOOMBERG AND CU. WSJ. “If Joe Biden falters, the received wisdom runs, nominating Michael Bloomberg to head the Democratic ticket would boost the party’s chances next November by pitting a strong, credible moderate against Donald Trump. It’s possible. But the former mayor of New York could do his party an even bigger favor just by losing.”

ELECTION SECURITY DELAY. HILL. “House Republicans are criticizing Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) for ‘sidelining’ election security for impeachment.”

NY: OVERHAUL COMING. NYDN. “The panel tasked with overhauling New York’s campaign finance laws and creating a public matching funds system from scratch released its final report Sunday evening — a day before it was due.”

SC: ROLE OF FUNDS. PC. “Remember the good old days, when political action committees were the worst example we could imagine of legal organizations exercising a corrupting influence on our elections?”


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