1.22.20 political law links

CELEBRATE CU. WSJ. “A decade later, most spending comes from the same place it always has: individuals who donate directly to candidates, up to legally limited amounts.”

CU LEGACY. WP. “The history of money in American politics is a cyclical story of scandal and reform.”

NEW CHAIR. BP. “The minimum number of members that must be present to make the agency’s decisions valid—known as a quorum—is four.”

SALARIES FOR CANDIDATES. INT. “Under the rules, a candidate running for office can only start taking a salary once the filing deadline for entering the primary has passed.”

COMPLAINT FILED. ABC. “Mark Green, Bloomberg’s Democratic opponent in the 2001 NYC mayoral race, is announcing that this week, he will file an official complaint with the Federal Election Commission against Bloomberg News for ‘illegal corporate in-kind contributions’ to the billionaire former mayor of New York’s presidential campaign.”

MD: FUNDS RETURNED. WP. “Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan has returned $62,950 in campaign contributions, according to his campaign finance report for this month.”

OK: MAGA PLATES. WP. “Two Republican state senators in Oklahoma want to make room on the roadways for President Trump’s brand — in a move that might be in violation of federal campaign finance rules.”


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