1-28-20 political law links

SENTENCE IN “SCAM PAC” CASE. WP. “The Justice Department is cracking down on ‘scam PACs’ that extract money from donors by promising falsely to spend it on political campaigns. On Friday, Strategic Campaign Group’s former president, Kelley Rogers, was sentenced in an Alexandria, Va., federal court to three years in prison.”

MEMES AND POLITICS. WP. “Last week, Griner discovered her son’s copyrighted image in the last place she ever expected to find it: a campaign fundraising ad for Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa). King has repeatedly come under fire for inflammatory remarks and rebuked as racist, anti-Semitic or insulting to minorities. The ad superimposes Sam’s famous face over a blurred picture of the U.S. Capitol alongside all-caps text that reads, ‘FUND OUR MEMES!!!'”

ZOMBINE ZONE. JG. “Are you among the countless Americans who feel so passionately about the upcoming presidential election that you wrote a check to your favorite candidate? But if your candidate dropped out of the race, can you get your money back?”

RECORD HAUL. TH. “Predominant Republican fundraising groups, Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF) and American Action Network (AAN), announced a 68 million dollar combined fundraising year in 2019.”

TROPICAL DEAL. POL. “The Virgin Islands land deal, reported here for the first time, furthers a pattern in which members of the Biden family have engaged in financial dealings with people with an interest in influencing the former vice president.”

AL: PAC BLITZ. YH. “Fighting for Alabama Fund is a federal independent expenditure committee, colloquially known as a super PAC, supporting Congressman Bradley Byrne’s (AL-01) Republican 2020 U.S. Senate bid.”

AZ: TOSSED RULES. CN. “Two Arizona ballot-handling practices hamper the voting rights of minorities, and one state law was written to do just that, an en banc Ninth Circuit ruled Monday in a federal lawsuit filed by Democrats in the Republican-dominated state.”

NC: GUILTY PLEA. BTV. “Bibbs was indicted on ten felony and misdemeanor charges in February 2018 following an investigation by the North Carolina Secretary of State’s Office that was prompted by a WBTV investigation. The charges included felony obstruction of justice, felony perjury and misdemeanor counts of lobbying without registration, among others.”


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