3.11.20 political law links

RECUSAL PRESS. HILL. “Democrats on the Senate Rules Committee grilled President Trump’s nominee to the Federal Election Commission (FEC), the government’s campaign watchdog, on Tuesday, urging him to recuse himself from any matters involving the president.”

H.R. 1 STATUS. TO. “The 2020 election is shaping up to be the most expensive in American history. Ten years after Citizens United, our elections are awash with the money of mega-donors and corporations that drown out the voices of everyday Americans — with serious consequences for racial and economic justice.”

CA: FINE PROMISED. VOC. “Four current and former Newport Beach City Council members, including a current candidate for state Assembly, have agreed to a $27,000 total fine with their political consultant and treasurer for failing to properly disclose campaign money that helped them get elected several years ago, according to state records.”

OH: MONEY IN COUNTY RACES. C12. “Candidates in two Ohio House districts are pushing back against claims made in $500,000 worth of radio ads and mailers funded by a political action committee that has supported the speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives who supports two candidates in the races.”

VT: BILL WEAKENED. V7. “Campaign finance reformers have spent years seeking to limit the flow of corporate cash into Vermont elections. Now a bill that would do just that is being watered down by a House committee.”

VA: NO LIMITS. BD. “Did anyone notice the reporting last year that Virginia’s 2019 state election drew unprecedented amounts of special interest money from out of state, most of it targeted to turn the state blue? It worked.”


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