6.25.20 political law links

SUPER PAC BOOST. CNN. “A new political group this week launched a Spanish-language ad attacking John Hickenlooper’s rival in the Colorado Democratic primary, the latest sign of growing concerns about the former governor’s prospects in a race that’s crucial to Democratic hopes of seizing the US Senate from Republicans.”

SUPER PAC LAUNCH. POL. “The original super PAC supporting Joe Biden is getting back on the airwaves, pushing into the 2020 ad wars with spots praising Biden’s economic record.”

LAWSUIT ON AD. HILL. “President Trump’s reelection campaign is suing the largest Democratic super PAC for running an ad that it says misrepresents the president’s remarks about the coronavirus.”

$225 MILLION FINE. FCC. “FCC proposes a $225 million fine against Rising Eagle, a Texas-based telemarketer that apparently made over 1 billion health insurance sales robocalls to American consumers including many on the Do Not Call registry.”

NJ: CASINO LICENCEES CASE. NJLJ. “Legislatures must take great care in crafting statutory schemes that regulate political activity so that the statute employs means closely drawn to protect an important government interest.”


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