11-5-20 political law links

RECOUNT RAISING. HILL. “The Trump and Biden campaigns on Wednesday blitzed supporters with fundraising requests in anticipation of drawn-out legal fights around the closely contested presidential election.”

POST-ELECTION HATCH ACT. FNN. “Federal employees could violate the Hatch Act in this case by, for example, forwarding emails to coworkers from a political party, wearing a T-shirt in support or opposition of a particular party or posting on social media about a political group while on duty, according to the guidance.”

LATE ADS. CNBC. “A little-known dark money group has quietly spent almost half a million dollars in the buildup to Election Day on digital ads against an executive order signed by President Donald Trump.”

NE: LACK OF LIMITS. NTV. “So for better or for worse its clear that big money has a big influence on politics here in the Cornhusker state and the experts see the amount of money being thrown into Nebraska races grow every year and they say without a new focus on limiting campaign spending Nebraska elections could stop coming down to who shows up to vote and more about who shows up to write a check.”

NC: MONEY FLOWS. JN. “And who knew that a campaign for a single seat in the Legislature could wind up costing millions?”

OR: OPEN TO LIMITS. OPB. “Limits to campaign contributions and spending should be explicitly allowed in the state’s constitution, Oregon voters decided Tuesday.”


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