IL: Pay-to-Play Update

This article discusses developments in the debate over a pay-to-play law in Illinois.

Even in the wake of major ethics scandals and the conviction of his top fundraisers in a state kickback scheme, Blagojevich has relied heavily on state contractors to fill his campaign fund and pay off massive legal bills.

Today, Blagojevich announced he was rewriting the campaign finance legislation, and instead banning the conduct by an executive order. He defended the action as necessary in order to add state lawmakers and other state elected officials to those being affected. He said an executive order can do this because it makes companies who do business in amounts over $50,000 a year with the state agree not to donate to legislators, constitutional officers or himself. He denied that putting the provision in an executive order, rather than a statue, would put himself in charge of policing his own actions. He said the measure has the full force and effect of a law.

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