Judge Emmet Sullivan Turns the Tables

Here’s the latest from The Times on yesterday’s proceedings in the Stevens case.  According to the report, Judge Emmet Sullivan gave a “lacerating” speech addressing his issues with the prosecution.

The judge, who was named to the Federal District Court here by President Bill Clinton, delivered a broad warning about what he said was a “troubling tendency” he had observed among prosecutors to stretch the boundaries of ethics restrictions and conceal evidence to win cases. He named Henry F. Schuelke 3rd, a prominent Washington lawyer, to investigate six career Justice Department prosecutors, including the chief and deputy chief of the Public Integrity Section, an elite unit charged with dealing with official corruption, to see if they should face criminal charges.

 Who’s facing criminal prosecution?  The Post has profiles of Brenda Morris, Nicholas Marsh, Joseph Bottini, William Welch, Edward Sullivan, and James Goeke.

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