Cybersecurity, Obama for America, and the President’s Lawyer’s Website

The White House announced a cybersecurity initiative.  In doing so, President Obama announced:

What isn’t widely known is that during the general election hackers managed to penetrate our computer systems.  To all of you who donated to our campaign, I want you to all rest assured, our fundraising website was untouched.  (Laughter.)  So your confidential personal and financial information was protected. But between August and October, hackers gained access to emails and a range of campaign files, from policy position papers to travel plans.  And we worked closely with the CIA — with the FBI and the Secret Service and hired security consultants to restore the security of our systems.

Sen. Coleman’s campaign apparently suffered a breach as well, and the Secret Service is investigating, according to this report.

Meanwhile, the President’s lawyer’s website seems to be suffering some cyber-issues of its own, with visitors confronted with an angry, yellow box filled with computer code (screen capture below). 


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