Americans for Campaign Reform

Roll Call profiles Daniel Weeks and Americans for Campaign Reform in this article.

In an interview Tuesday, the 2006 Yale University graduate also said the campaign finance community is ready for a makeover. Weeks said “from the start” reformers have been too aligned with “left-of-center” political ideology, which has discouraged possible conservative allies from affiliating themselves with a liberal-leaning cause.

Unlike other Washington, D.C.-based groups, Weeks says his organization is not taking foundation grants, relying instead on a network of 2,500 supporters to fund its $350,000 annual budget.

“He’s part of a new generation that’s become deeply involved in the campaign finance issues and the campaign finance battles,” Wertheimer said Wednesday. “His value in this battle is that he’s extremely talented and very committed to the issue and prepared to make the kind of commitments that you have to make to fight campaign finance reform battles.”

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