Political activity law morning report for Wed., Dec. 1

Good morning.  Here’s some of what I’m reading this morning.

Lobby shops with no Republicans to do list:  Hire an R?

Roll Call reports.

The new era of divided government is providing challenges and opportunities for one-party lobbying shops, which have marketed themselves as providing access to party leaders as well as keener insight into their political thinking and strategy.

Lobbyists’ lobbyist

The American League of Lobbyists is in the news here.

At the group’s annual meeting Tuesday, during which it also elected new officers and board members, ALL premiered a promotional video in an attempt to dispel what it considers misconceptions about the profession. Expect more such messaging next year, when President-elect Howard Marlowe assumes office.

The six minute video is here.

Aristotle’s got a PAC

And the news is here.

Stormy Waters trial news

From the Hill.

The House ethics committee has placed two of its attorneys on administrative leave after experiencing missteps with the case against Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), according to a source familiar with the matter.

Politico also covers this story here.

Rangel news

Is imminentThe Times discusses the history of censure here.

Abramoff-related update

Regarding Michael Scanlon.


Politico reports on Sen. McCain’s comments on Senator Feingold’s departure from the Senate.

McCain and Feingold worked together in 2002 to pass their campaign finance reform bill — a move for which conservatives have since needled McCain. “We are of different parties, and our political views are often opposed,” McCain said. “But where we agreed — on wasteful spending, ethics reform, campaign finance reform and other issues — it was a privilege to fight alongside and not against Russ Feingold.”

Fundraising by the book

That’s how Sarah Palin does it:  “SarahPAC spent $64,000 buying copies of the former Alaska governor’s book from Harper Collins in order to send copies to her supporters in exchange for a $100 contribution to the PAC.”

Lame duck DISCLOSE prospects

The Washington Post explains what might happen next during the lame duck session.

Senate Republicans intend to block action on virtually all Democratic-backed legislation unrelated to tax cuts and government spending in the current postelection session of Congress, officials said Tuesday, adding that the leadership has quietly collected signatures on a letter pledging to carry out the strategy.

Federal Election Commission scheduled to meet

The FEC is scheduled to meet tomorrow and the agenda is here.

Panel discusses the impact of CU

Here’s a report on a New York City panel discussion on Citizens United with Gov Howard Dean and others.

My 2010 ABA Journal Blawg 100 endorsement goes to…

The envelope please…  Election Law Blog.  Please consider voting for Election Law Blog in the “niche” category of ABA’s annual best legal blog competition.  You can see all of the entrants and vote here.  Election Law Blog is an invaluable resource for political lawyers and we all owe a debt of gratitude to Rick Hasen for the substantial investment of his time and intellect to his great site for so many years.

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