Political activity law A.M. report for Tuesday, Dec. 14

Good morning.  What’s new?

Party over for Fiesta Bowl freebies

Arizona lawmakers won’t get free tickets to the game.  The Arizona Republic reports.

57 months for Magliocchetti?

That’s what the AP reports prosecutors recommend.

Magliocchetti, 64, pleaded guilty to illegally funneling more than $380,000 in campaign contributions to House members controlling the Pentagon’s budget.

Who’s doing what in the money race for RNC chair

Who’s raising what in the race for chair of the RNC?  The Post‘s story on the latest entrant doesn’t cover this aspect of the story.   What is there to write about?  IRS filing dates for Form 8872 are here.

2010 and beyond

The Annenberg Public Policy Center and Factcheck.org held some panels on 2010 election spending yesterday and Politico’s Vogel reports here.  More on Crossroads’ future plans here.

New tea party group

And Sharron Angle’s involved.

Late disclosures

Roll Call reports on personal financial disclosure report filings here.

The financial disclosure process often trips up Members — many request extra time to file, and dozens of lawmakers file amendments each year following inquiries by the House or Senate ethics panels or media outlets.

The advance of ethics in Alabama

Here‘s the latest.

Norton faults investigation’s cost

News on the closed investigation into former Interior Secretrary Gale Norton here.

About that $5,000

An issue in a New Jersey corruption trial involves what happened to $5,000 in political contributions.

Report on CFTC proposed contribution rule

Bloomberg has a report here.

Banks that arrange derivative trades with U.S. states, municipalities and public pensions may be barred from giving to the campaigns of politicians who hold the power to award them work.

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