Good morning; here are the political law links of the day (Thurs., Jan. 20)

REP. NANCY PEL-OCE. To update a story from yesterday, The Hill reports on the Office of Congressional Ethics hereRoll Call also notes the story.

CITIZENS UNITED. The agenda for today’s meeting of the Federal Election Commission is available here.  Item V involves Citizens United.

SUPPORTING GOV. CUOMO’S AGENDA. Who supports the new governor’s agenda?  The Times urges transparency in this editorial:  “The Committee to Save New York has revealed some of its backers and promised to register under the state’s lobbying laws, which do require more disclosure.”

CORPORATE RIGHTS. The Times notes that Citizens United may be an issue in a privacy case argued yesterday before the Supreme Court.

CONFLICT, KOCH, AND DISQUALIFICATION.  The Times covers an effort to disqualify Justices Thomas and Alito from campaign finance cases:  “Mr. Koch and his brother, David Koch, were among the main beneficiaries of the Supreme Court’s decision in the Citizens United case and became a favorite target of liberal groups, which accused them of effectively trying to buy the election.”

TWO CU EVENTS. Public Campaign is holding an event today on CU.  More here.  The Center for Competitive Politics has an event today, as well.  More here.  It looks like a few groups are protesting on the one year anniversary of the decision tomorrow.

DC AND ETHICSThis Post editorial endorses stronger ethics rules for DC.

GIFTING THE PRESIDENT. The Post explains what happens to somes gifts received by the president.  “By law, however, government officials must surrender any gifts valued at more than $350 to the government and may keep less expensive ones if they pay the stated value. Most items end up at the National Archives or General Services Administration. Perishable items gifted to the Obamas are handled by the U.S. Secret Service.”

FOREIGN REPRESENTATIONS IN THE NEWS. Covington signs up an Ivory Coast leader.  The Post.

ELECTION LAW NEWS. From Wiley Rein.  As usual, there are a number of interesting updates this month, including a note that there will be no new lobbying disclosure guidance.  I’ve been waiting and waiting.

CAMPAIGN FINANCE BLOG TO CHECK OUT. If you don’t read Audrey Perry’s Legally Political site, you should.  She links to a huge number of political law stories throughout the day.  Definitely worth a bookmark or give the feed a try.


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