Foreign convention involvement and other political law news for this morning

CONVENTION AND HOST COMMITTEE FUNDING.   The AP covers recent developments on the Democratic convention  here.   I don’t know anything about the site called, but they quote a document purporting to list the restrictions on host committee donations.  It looks like domestic subsidiaries of foreign companies are not prohibited from making in-kind donations, “provided that any such in-kind contributions from such a subsidiary must be made  using revenue generated from U.S. operations.”  All of the restrictions will keep some lawyers busy determining if their clients can give under these self-imposed guidelines.  Politico reports on the financing aspect here.

DOWNLOAD ONLINE POLITICS 101 NOW. Here.  Thanks to Colin Delany for this great collection and all the hard work and insight he’s giving away for free.

HOW ABOUT THAT SUPER BOWL? Roll Call had a timely look at Super Bowl political events here.

SENTENCE FOR SCANLON. Politico reports.  “Scanlon is scheduled to be sentenced next week by a federal judge in Washington, D.C.”

TIMES ON HOUSE ETHICS REPORT. A recent Times editorial discusses the recent House Ethics Committee report on fundraising practices on the Hill.

PATERSON PAYMENT.  Former New York Gov. Paterson made a payment in connection with his use of Yankees tickets.  NY Times. In other Gov. Paterson news, he’ll be joining the National Federation of the Blind as a lobbyist.  Roll Call.

FOLLOWING MAINE CONTROVERSY. Are you following a controversy in Maine involving a newspaper and a business group?  There’s a lot to read (including responses to the complaint) here.

CU DIDN’T HURT COURT. “Neither Bush v. Gore nor last year’s 5-4 decision in Citizens United, which allowed unlimited corporate spending in elections, appears to have seriously harmed the court’s reputation.”  Liptak in The Times.


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