Ensign, D’Amato’s poker face, Q1 LDA news, and Anzac Day controversy in today’s political law links

WHEN RESIGNATION DOESN’T STOP THE PAIN. The Times covers Sen. Ensign’s decision to resign here.  Does his resignation avoid the release of more from Senate Ethics?  You might think.  “But in interviews Friday, officials said the two leaders of the Ethics Committee — both the top Democrat and the top Republican — had decided not to let the investigation disappear. They are likely to take the unusual step of issuing a statement that details evidence of wrongdoing uncovered in the committee’s 22-month investigation, its largest in more than a decade.”  Roll Call has this angle, as well.

ENSIGN EDITORIAL. The Ensign matter is the topic of this Times editorial. “All the unanswered questions require the ethics panel to issue a full disclosure of its findings. Mr. Ensign’s retreat does not mean that the Senate can duck its own responsibility to the American people.”

ENSIGN LEGAL DEFENSE. Rick Hasen noted Ellen Aprill’s new paper, “Legal Defense Funds as Political Organizations,” here.

AL D’AMATO’S POKER FACE. In The Post. “True to form, American poker players like me are not settling for the hand we have been dealt by the actions of the Justice Department or the inaction of Congress. We are fighting to protect our freedom to play online poker. We are fighting for Internet freedom writ large. We are fighting for our winning hand. And, this time, we’re not bluffing.”

DRAFT EXECUTIVE ORDER AND KOCH. The Sunlight Foundation Blog notes that the White House’s draft Executive Order providing for the disclosure of certain political activity would cover Koch Industries.  More here.  “Koch Industries is also a longtime government contractor receiving $85 million in contracts over the past eleven years.”

SAMPLES ON THE EXECUTIVE ORDER. Cato’s John Samples raises serious and interesting questions the draft executive order here.  “In many ways, the presidential fiat should be the most troubling aspect of all this.  The President is legislating here contrary to Article I of the Constitution which vests the legislative authority in Congress. The rule of law fits uneasily with rule by decree.”

Q1 LDA NUMBERS. Roll Call has the rundown.

FEC SUED ON DISCLOSURE. Politico’s coverage is here.  “Maryland Democratic Rep. Chris Van Hollen is suing the Federal Election Commission in an effort to force disclosure of anonymous donations to the types of independent groups that during the midterm elections spent millions of dollars on advertising that largely favored Republicans.”  Democracy21’s press release, the petition for rulemaking, and the complaint are available here.

WASHINGTON STATE REFORM. New campaign finance laws were signed by Gov. Gregoire.  More here.

SPARKS CITY CONFLICT CASE IN THE NEWS. The Post’s coverage is here.  “Reprimanded by his state’s ethics commission for a conflict of interest on a development vote, Sparks City Council member Michael A. Carrigan arrives at the U.S. Supreme Court with an unusual status.”


AUSTRALIA ANZAC DAY TWITTER CONTROVERSY. Story here.  (You can learn about Anzac Day here, just like I did.)  Put this is your social media lobbying file.



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