Political law links for Tuesday, May 10

ACCURACY OF FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE. Roll Call examines the accuracy of personal financial disclosure reports filed by Members of Congress and staff.   “A Roll Call analysis of filings with the Clerk of the House shows that three out of 10 House Members filed amendments to prior disclosures last year. In the Senate, more than 12 percent of all filings last year were amending prior incorrect submissions, according to data gathered by CQ MoneyLine.”

NY SPECIAL. The TimesPolitico reports here.

ILLICIT NOTES FROM CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION. The Times reports that notes belonging to Judge Lansing, a delegate to the Constitutional Convention, will soon be auctioned.   “Judge Lansing recorded debates over whether the Articles of Confederation should be merely revised or completely rewritten, on how many individuals should constitute the nation’s chief executive and how the voting strength of the large and small states should be reconciled.”  Anything in there about corporate independent expenditures or lifting the limit on party coordinated expenditures?

KOCH V. PRANKSTERS. That’s not the case’s real name, but Politico has an update here.  “A federal judge in Utah on Monday tossed Koch Industries’s lawsuit against the pranksters who set up a fake website and sent out a bogus press release saying the company had found religion on climate change.”

DRAFT EO AND SPOILS SYSTEM. ABC News reports.  “Republicans on Capitol Hill are up in arms about an expected move by President Obama to make companies disclose their political donations if they want to bid for government contracts.”

CITIZENS UNITED PROTECTS NAME. In Michigan.  “Michigan Citizens United will change its name to the Committee to Recall Rick Snyder, spokesman Tim Kramer said. The change was the result of a threat of legal action by a Washington, D.C., group called Citizens United, he said.”

DODD BRINGS THE GLITZ. LA Times.  “A bit of the old Jack Valenti pizazz is back at Hollywood’s outpost in the nation’s capital, thanks to a new silver-haired frontman.”  We could all use some more glitz.

SOCIAL MEDIA AND THE FED GOVT. The Post reports on an interesting use of social media by the Department of Veterans Affairs here.

WHEN LOBBYISTS SEEK TO SERVE. The topic of this story from Kentucky is a lobbyist’s service on the state’s election board.

MOON PIE LABELS. Here’s a report about moon pie label expenses for a campaign in Mississippi.  Maybe moon pie branding for my site is what’s missing…  I wonder what that would look like?


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