Political activity law links for your morning

NY SPECIAL RESULTS. Roll Call. A final tally of independent group spending should be reported soon, I expect.

OBAMA AND THE CLINTON DONORS. NY Times. “President Obama’s campaign manager, Jim Messina, met privately on Monday night with donors close to his erstwhile rival, Hillary Rodham Clinton, as the campaign sought to knit together and mobilize the Democratic fund-raising elite in advance of the 2012 election.”

CU VIEW. Trevor Potter discusses Citizens United and electioneering communications reporting here.

TOMORROW AT THE FEC. The agenda for tomorrow’s public meeting of the Federal Election Commission is online here.

LOCKED AND LOADED LOBBYISTS. The Post. “After buying more than 700,000 Colt M4 carbines, the Defense Department has started a search for the rifle’s successor, giving Colt’s competitors the long-awaited chance to break the company’s grip on the market. So Colt turned to Roger Smith, a former deputy assistant Navy secretary-turned-lobbyist, to be the company’s voice in D.C.”

ETHICS AND THE SUPREMES. The LA Times has an editorial on a new bill.  “If anything, disclosure and ethics rules are more important for the Supreme Court than for lower courts.”

JOHN EDWARDS IN THE NEWS. USAT. “Former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards reportedly will be indicted for alleged violations of campaign finance law as he tried to cover up his extramarital affair with Rielle Hunter.”

BOPP ON THE AIR. Jim Bopp, Lisa Graves, and Yaakov Roth are scheduled guests on a radio show.  More information (including a link to listen live at 1 p.m. local time, if I’m reading the show schedule correctly) is available here.


PUBLIC FINANCING IN AUSTIN. Story here.  “The City of Austin decided Tuesday that City Council candidate Kathie Tovo can receive $64,157 from a city campaign finance program despite attempts by incumbent Randi Shade to stop her from collecting the cash.”

CONFISCATING CAMPAIGN MATERIAL IN PA. News here.  “Luzerne County Director of Elections Leonard Piazza and Assistant County Solicitor Neil O’Donnell on Tuesday defended the confiscation of campaign flyers and cards at polling places during last week’s primary election.”



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