Friday’s political law links and have a great weekend

2012 = 1904?  National Journal’s interview with Trevor Potter is online here.

REP. HIRONO LEAVES ETHICS COMM.  Roll Call.  “Rep. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) resigned Thursday from the House Ethics Committee in preparation for her upcoming bid for a seat in the Senate.”

EDWARDS TRIAL UPDATE.  WRAL.  “A federal judge on Thursday set an October trial date for former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards on campaign finance charges.”

TPAW $.  The Times.

LOBBYING ON FINANCIAL REGULATORY REFORM.  Here.  “Though little known outside Washington and Wall Street, [Steve] Bartlett has played a pivotal role with other lobbyists in their fierce and frenetic behind-the-scenes effort that has successfully delayed or watered down many of the major regulatory changes passed by Congress in the aftermath of the financial meltdown.”

LOBBYING EMAILS COME TO LIGHT.  Charlotte Observer“Newly released emails appear to show that Wachovia, at the peak of the financial crisis, was lobbying for some of its most troubled loans to be included in a government bailout.”

PAC ATTACK.  The Post.  “Democrats went on the attack Thursday against Mitt Romney’s elaborate system of state political-action committees, arguing in a complaint that the Republican candidate has exploited weak campaign-finance laws to improperly fund his presidential aspirations.”

REFERRAL FEES IN AL.  Story here.  “The chairs of the state Legislature’s ethics committees sent a letter to their colleagues Thursday saying the acceptance of referral fees from lobbyists is ‘unquestionably illegal’ following the passage of an ethics reform package last December.”

GAME-CHANGING PETITION TECH.  The Post.  “The system is simple. Thousands of voters, egged on by a media blitz on talk radio and Web sites and through targeted e-mail, found their way to They typed their names, birth dates, Zip codes and e-mail addresses into a basic form, just as if they were buying a sweater online. The software then tapped into voter-registration data to fill out the petition sheet in the precise format the law requires. The voters then printed out the form, signed it and mailed…”



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