Lobbyist bundlers, social media advocacy, and a grassroots case in political law links today

LOBBYIST BUNDLED CONTRIBUTIONS IN THE NEWS.  Politico.  “If there was any doubt about whether Tony and Heather Podesta qualify as one of Washington’s top power couples, it can now be erased.”

WH FUNDRAISING ALLEGATIONS.  Politico.  “The White House’s response—delivered a day after a deadline the House committee chairman set—may be courting a showdown with Issa because it did not include any of the records Issa demanded.”

HOSTING HOUSE WEBSITES.  Roll Call.  “The crashing of dozens of House websites Tuesday is lending new urgency to a push from House GOP leaders to bring all of the chamber’s websites in-house.”

FACEBOOK AND DEBT ACTION.  The Post.  “But netizens have also been active, taking to social networks like Facebook to express their strongly-held viewpoints. Comments on some of Boehner’s wall posts have exceeded 10,000, with other lawmakers are also seeing comments and ‘likes’ in the hundreds and thousands.”

FL LAW CHALLENGE INVOLVES GRASSROOTS ADVOCACY.  Story here.  “An attorney from a libertarian legal foundation told a federal judge Wednesday, Florida’s campaign-finance laws violate the rights of citizens who want to rally their friends and speak out on constitutional amendments during campaign season.”


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