Commissioner on Twitter, profiles in Politico, draft EO update, and more political law links

WHO’S ON TWITTER?  Ann Ravel, the Chair of California’s Fair Political Practices Commission, is on Twitter here.  The story is here.  The agency’s new Facebook page is here.



A FEW ITEMS OF INTEREST.  “The Influence Industry” feature in The Post has a few items of interest here.

GOVERNMENT CONTRACTOR EO IN THE NEWS.  The Post.  “More than 60 House Democrats have signed a letter asking President Obama to issue an executive order requiring federal contractors to disclose political contributions.”  HuffPo also notes the developments.

LABOR DEPT. OFFICIAL LEAVES.  The Post.  “A high-ranking Labor Department official appointed by President Obama to oversee a job-training program for veterans has resigned after an inspector general’s investigation found that he had violated federal procurement rules and ethics principles.”

A CONVERSATION YOU WON’T HERE IN PRISON.  “What are you in for?”  “An 11 CFR 109.20 violation.”  The Washington Times.  “Federal prosecutors don’t often file criminal charges involving campaign finance violations, but when they do the guilty rarely spend time behind bars.”

NET NEUTRALITY PROBE AT FCC.  Story here.  “Suspicious that the FCC’s net neutrality order was orchestrated by outside liberal interests, top Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee asked agency officials Thursday for documents to show whether that is indeed the case.”

SENSE AND VOTER ID.  Hans von Spakovsky discusses the topic here.  “It is time for lawmakers in every state to stop hesitating and do the right thing: pass voter ID laws that protect the integrity of that cherished right.”

ALABAMA COMPLAINTS.  Here.  “The chairman of the Alabama Democratic Party today accused Republican legislative leaders of violating the ban on transfers between political action committees.”

OUTSOURCING LOBBYIST REGISTRATION.  To the Florida Press Association?  Story here.

UPDATE ON FLORIDA CASE.  Here.  “Four Sarasota-area residents asked a federal judge Wednesday to toss a state campaign finance law that requires issue-driven campaigns to register and disclose their contributors to the public, while the state said the law protects the public’s right to know who is participating in the political process.”


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