Political law links for today

SOLYN-DRIP. Politico. “Solyndra’s top executives will take the safe route on Friday by invoking their Fifth Amendment rights not to answer questions from a House panel investigating the California solar company’s demise.”

SOLYN-DRIP II.  Story here.  “President Obama pushed for the Fremont, California Solyndra plant to get hundreds of millions in loan guarantees from the federal government, but former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel says he doesn’t member a thing about it.”

GOOGLE IN DC.  Politico.  “In 2012, the search giant headquartered in bright blue Silicon Valley has wrapped itself in red, hiring a string of Republicans and even hosting a GOP presidential debate Thursday night with Fox News.”

PERRY’S TRUST.  Here.   “GOP presidential hopeful Rick Perry revoked the blind trust that holds his investments and revealed for the first time in 15 years where his money is invested, according to the Associated Press.”

DURKEE FALLOUT.  Story here.  “Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who is up for reelection in 2012, will put $5 million of her own money into her race, the latest sign that a mega-fraud case involving a top Democratic campaign treasurer is roiling California politics.”

R DONORS PICKING SIDES.  Roll Call.  “Presidential hopefuls Rick Perry and Mitt Romney have brought their fight for the GOP nomination to K Street, and they will hold back-to-back fundraisers next week aimed at Beltway-area donors.”

POLITICAL ADS ON TWITTER.  Story here.  The ads will appear as “[p]romoted tweets, which look like non-commercial tweets except for a small logo and disclaimer, and which appear when a certain term is searched for and will appear in a campaign’s follower’s timelines no matter when the log in; promoted trends, which allow an advertiser to appear atop popular lists of “trending topics”; and promoted accounts, in which the campaign’s account is suggested to Twitter users who appear to have similar interests.”

FOX PAC (IN)ACTIVITY. Politico. “Media giant News Corp., saddled by a phone hacking scandal that’s rocked every level of its company, did not donate a dime to U.S. political candidates or committees during August through the political action committee of its American subsidiaries, new federal records show.”

RING SENTENCE UPDATE. Here. “Kevin Ring, a Jack Abramoff aide who was prosecuted in Washington’s lobbying scandal, faces a guideline range of 46 to 57 months in prison when he is sentenced next month, far less than the more than 17 years that federal prosecutors recommended.”  MainJustice has a report here.


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