Tuesday’s political law links

FACEBOOK PAC LAUNCH. TechCrunch. “Facebook has filed to establish FB PAC, a political action committee intended to ‘give [Facebook’s] employees a way to make their voice heard in the political process,’ presumably over and above voting and contributing independently to campaigns and other PACs.”  The Times covers this development here.

COMMITTEE ON ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT MOVE ON POLITICAL CONTRIBUTIONS.  Story here.  “The nonpartisan Committee on Economic Development wants companies to be upfront about their political activity, even though new laws have made it easier for them to do it under the radar. The group, made of about 200 executives, has also called on Congress to pass new disclosure laws.”  CED’s website on money in politics is here.

THE $72 BILLION DOLLAR MAN. Roll Call. “Several political pundits predict that President Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign could report spending $1 billion by Election Day. If he does, it will only be a small fraction of the amount reported so far by White House hopeful Lee Mercer.”

EMBEZZLED CAMPAIGNS IN THE NEWS. The Post. “Talk about adding insult to injury. The campaigns for several Democratic lawmakers reeling from the arrest of their campaign treasurer face the prospect of financial penalties themselves.”

LIGHTSQUARED LOBBYING.  The Hill.  “LightSquared, the wireless telecom firm facing Republican complaints that it has benefited from political ties to the White House, has significantly boosted its lobbying this year.”

PROPOSED OGE RULES OPPOSED. The Hill. “The American League of Lobbyists on Monday called for the withdrawal of a new ethics regulation that would prohibit all government employees from accepting gifts from lobbyists.”

CURRIE TRIAL BEGINS. “The indictment against Currie cites several specific instances in which he is alleged to have pressed state officials to help Shoppers with land acquisition, road improvements and stoplights and to delay energy-efficiency standards for commercial refrigerators, saving the company money.”

POST ON ALSTON INDICTMENT.  Here.  “It must be disheartening for Prince George’s residents to see another elected official brought up on allegations of having sought private gain from public roles — lining their pockets, to use the ver­nac­ular. In a county where a succession of investigations, allegations and indictments has raised concerns about the political culture, this latest incident will only reinforce the disgust and cynicism of an already highly disengaged electorate.”

BLAGO SENTENCING DELAY. “Blagojevich was convicted on 17 of 20 counts of public corruption in late June related to charges that he had attempted to sell President Obama’s Illinois Senate seat.”


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