Thursday’s political law links

PERRY’S BIG NUMBER. The Times. “Gov. Rick Perry of Texas raised more than $17 million through the end of September, his presidential campaign announced on Wednesday, a strong showing that confirms his reputation as a capable fund-raiser and is likely to outstrip all of the Republican field save for Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor.”

LOBBYIST BAN ON BOARDS AND COMMISSIONS UPDATE.  Roll Call.  “Final guidelines that spell out the specifics of President Barack Obama’s plan to keep lobbyists off government advisory boards have once again riled K Street.”  The final guidance is online here.


PRIMARY SCHEDULE AND DISCLOSURE.  The Post.  “The new schedule raises the possibility of outside spending groups running millions of dollars in ads in the final days of the races — without having to disclose them until the contests are over.”

YOUTUBE POLITICS LAUNCH.  Story here.  “Google-owned YouTube is launching a special site Thursday that it hopes will be a one-stop online spot for political junkies to watch the good, the bad and the ugly of the 2012 presidential campaign.”

DISCLAIMERS ON INTERNET ADS.  That’s an item on today’s Federal Election Commission public meeting agenda.

HEARING ON FEC. The Subcommittee on Elections of the House Administration Committee has a hearing scheduled on the Federal Election Commission for next week. The announcement is here.


NJ CASE RESOLVED.  Story here.  “A former New Jersey governor has resolved a 10-year-old case involving campaign finance violations.”


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