Monday’s political law links

CAMPAIGN FINANCE LAW MOVERS AND SHAKERS.  Scott Bieniek, Sarah Troupis, and Joseph LaRue have left Jim Bopp’s law firm to join the Cain campaign, according to this WSJ Blog report.

PERRY DISCLOSES TRAVEL DEBT. The Times. “Gov. Rick Perry of Texas on Friday disclosed new travel-related campaign debts of almost $230,000 that appear to largely stem from improper underpayments to owners of private jets used by his presidential campaign.”

IN RE YOUR SUBPOENA.  Here’s the letter from the White House counsel in response to the House’s subpoena for Solyndra documents.

ABRAMOFF BOOK STORY. Here’s another report on Jack Abramoff’s new book. “When the now-notorious lobbyist was a rising star as Republicans expanded their power in Washington, a concerned senior partner in his firm warned against his win-at-all-costs approach to business.”

INDEPENDENT GROUPS IN SF ELECTION.  Story here.  “Already records show more than $1.5 million has been spent by independent expenditure committees and other third-party interest groups that aren’t bound by campaign finance rules that govern municipal candidates.”

COLBERT’S NEW GIMMICK.  Roll Call.  “In his ongoing spoof of the nation’s campaign finance laws, comedian Stephen Colbert has a new gimmick: a secretive nonprofit that can launder donations to his satirical super political action committee.”

THE FULL ABRAMOFF.  Here.  “Jack Abramoff, the notorious former lobbyist at the center of Washington’s biggest corruption scandal in decades, spent more than three years in prison for his crimes. Now a free man, he reveals how he was able to influence politicians and their staffers through generous gifts and job offers. He tells Lesley Stahl the reforms instituted in the wake of his scandal have had little effect.”

NEW FLICKR PHOTOS. For you Virginia politics enthusiasts, here are a few photos I took on Saturday.

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