OWS, the electoral college, getting social, and more political law links

NONPROFIT SUPPORTS ELECTORAL COLLEGE.  Story here.  “An obscure but well-funded campaign to reinvent the Electoral College and elect the president via a national popular vote has alarmed GOP leaders, who have mounted a counterattack with the help of a newly revived nonprofit.”

GUILTY PLEA IN LOBBYING CASE.  The Hill.  “A United States citizen pleaded guilty Wednesday to Justice Department charges that he conspired and incurred tax violations while acting as an unregistered lobbying agent for the Pakistani government.”  DOJ’s release is here.

TT’S TP INTERVIEW.  The Texas Tribune interviewed Trevor Potter and it’s online here.

WERE YOU OCCUPIED YESTERDAY?  OWS hit K St.  Story here.  “Occupy demonstrators shut down K Street Wednesday afternoon, blocking traffic and striking a nerve with downtown-ers.”

WHAT’S A LOBBYIST?  The Post.  “Gingrich’s meteoric rise in Republican polls has reignited the long-standing debate in Washington over the definition of lobbying, which has a specific meaning under federal lobbying statutes that often is at odds with common sense.”

SUPER PAC PRIMARY?  More from Colbert.  “Comedian Stephen Colbert tried yet again to get his name on South Carolina’s presidential primary ballot — only this time he wanted to sponsor the Republican contest.”

R’S GETTING SOCIAL. Roll Call. “Tim Schigel, the man behind the sideways V-shaped icon found on more than 1 million websites around the world, will lead the Republican National Committee’s digital strategy during the 2012 elections.”

BLAGO SENTENCED.  Story here.  “Mr. Blagojevich, a Democrat who won two terms in the governor’s office, was sentenced to 14 years in prison on his 18 corruption convictions, counts that include trying to sell or trade the Senate seat that became vacant when President Obama went to the White House.”


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