Political laws links (Monday, April 16, 2012)

EAC UPDATE. Story here. “Not one of the body’s four commissioner seats is filled, and it looks like they’ll remain vacant for the foreseeable future.”

DONOR ACCESS. The Times. “Many of the president’s biggest donors, while not lobbyists, took lobbyists with them to the White House, while others performed essentially the same function on their visits.”

BUSINESS FORWARD.  It’s been a while since I saw a report on Business Forward.  Politico has one today.  “Business Forward and a similar group, Common Purpose, say the meetings don’t violate any rules and aren’t even lobbying in the traditional sense. But the companies funding Business Forward and the wealthy donors that subsidize Common Purpose’s operation are willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars a year in large part because of what they offer: special access.”

CAIN PAYMENTS. Politico. “Nearly two months after dropping his bid for the GOP nomination, Herman Cain’s presidential campaign paid about $19,000 to a pair of non-profit groups that are reportedly under federal investigation for boosting his White House bid.”

EDWARDS TRIAL VIEW. LA Times.  “It’s an extraordinary moment. Usually, allegations of campaign finance shenanigans are handled as civil matters by the bipartisan appointees on the Federal Election Commission.”

SUPER PAC FOCUS. Story here. “The AFL-CIO’s new ‘super’ political action committee won’t spend much on television ads, but will focus instead on mobilizing thousands of union and nonunion voters, officials at the labor federation said Thursday.”

ANONYMOUS DONATION. The Post. “An anonymous donor gave $10 million late last year to run ads attacking President Obama and Democratic policies, escalating the money race that is defining the 2012 presidential campaign.”

GUILTY PLEA IN MO CASE. Story here. “A St. Louis attorney pleaded guilty Friday to misusing money from an insurance company to funnel contributions to the Missouri Democratic Party as part of scheme that also involved a former governor.”

NY PUBLIC FINANCING.  Editorial in support here.  “There is no mystery about what New York State needs: do it like New York City.”

ALEC IN THE NEWS IN VA. Story here. “Virginia House Speaker Bill Howell on Thursday blamed a liberal activist for spreading misinformation about a conservative group he is involved with that ghostwrites bills for legislators across the nation.”


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