Good morning, here are political law links for Fri., Apr. 20th

NRO ON EDWARDS PROSECUTION. Here. ”If Edwards et al. have committed other crimes, then they should be prosecuted, but to prosecute him under campaign-finance rules in a situation in which no campaign funds were used and no campaign expenses paid seems a stretch. We have had enough unseemliness associated with Edwards without adding a questionable prosecution to the catalog.”

SENATE HEARING ON S. 219. A hearing is set for next Wed. at 9:30 a.m., according to this listing (scroll to the 25th).

SUPER PAC REPORTING ISSUE. Story here. “The Utah political action committee formed to launch Jon Huntsman’s bid for president made more than $200,000 in payments to a phantom company, one of Huntsman’s consultants told BuzzFeed Thursday.”

OBAMA AUDIT. Politico.

TIMES ON ACCESS.  Editorial here.  “Mr. Obama, in particular, promised in 2008 to fix a ‘broken’ public financing system that allows oversize donations. He opted out of the system, and the country is still waiting for that promise to be fulfilled.”

AM X-RD$.  Politico.  “American Crossroads, the pro-Republican super PAC co-founded by Karl Rove, and its nonprofit affiliate Crossroads GPS, will announce $100 million raised for both so far through the 2012 cycle, officials told POLITICO.”

SUPER PAC IN THE NEWS.  Politico.  “Capitol Hill Republicans have a brand new super PAC in their corner.  The only problem: None of them want it — or trust it.”

PAID BLOGGERS IN CA. Story here. “Alarmed that political groups are secretly funding bloggers and Internet websites to promote or attack candidates, the head of the state’s ethics watchdog agency said Thursday that she will ask that such payments be disclosed.”

ROMNEY RAMPING UP.  The Times.  “His staff of 87 full-time employees will balloon to more than 400 people in the coming weeks, aides said, and his convention team of 55 will nearly triple to 150 full-timers by the actual event in Tampa, Fla., in late August.”

MOBILE IS HUGE.  Story here.  “The coming presidential election may be decided by which candidate best exploits mobile devices.”  I’m sad I couldn’t make it to CampaignTech 2012, but  the #campaigntech hashtag has been useful.


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