Good morning, here are today’s political law links (Wed., 6/6/12)

FEC AGENDA.  The agenda for tomorrow’s Federal Election Commission meeting is online here.

SUPPORT FOR TEXTING $.  The FPPC’s Ann Ravel and others write here in support of donations by text.  “In an era of increasing influence by large political donors, regulators and wireless carriers should do more to facilitate participation by the little guy. End the blackout on small text donations. Do you agree? Text (1) for support and (2) for no.”

NC AND CU.  The Times.  “Now, because the state is prohibited from reducing the spending gap with public funds, Judge Ervin’s supporters may have to form a super PAC of their own to keep up with the unlimited spending of the conservative super PAC. This is yet another example of the devastating harm caused by Citizens United.”

TARGET NM.  Politico.

HACK ATTACK?  Story here.  “Mitt Romney’s campaign is confirming the candidate’s personal email might have been hacked.”

THE MAGICAL $3 DONATION.  Here.  “The cost of entering the sweepstakes: A $3 donation to Barack Obama’s reelection campaign. Three bucks is also how much it cost to vie for a seat at George Clooney’s recent Obama fundraiser, and Donald Trump’s recent bash for Mitt Romney.”

GOV. TIED TO GROUP.  The Times.  “Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg on Tuesday defended Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s support from a private lobbying group that promoted his agenda, even as some government watchdog groups questioned the relationship.”  The Times editorial page hits here:   “Under the Internal Revenue Code, all 501(c)(4)s are required to have a social welfare purpose that is not primarily political. We are eager to know what that purpose is for the committee, beyond supporting Mr. Cuomo and promoting the interests of its contributors.”

NC LOBBYIST INVESTIGATION.  Story here.  “The North Carolina State Ethics Commission is examining whether two lobbyists who had relationships with aides of House Speaker Thom Tillis — or the lobbyists’ clients — broke state laws.”

CHARLOTTESVILLE AND CU.  Story here.  “Charlottesville’s City Council is calling for a constitutional amendment to restrict corporate influence in the political process.”

“SETH IN THE CITY” SOLICITATION IN THE NEWS.  Story here.  “The executive director of the campaign committee for Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams sent an email to the majority of his deputies and chiefs last week asking them to attend a fundraiser and contribute to his campaign.”


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