Good morning, here are Wednesday’s political law links (6/20/12)

(C)(4)’S AND POLITICAL ACTIVITY.   Venable’s Political Law Briefing discusses this hot topic here (via Craig Ready).

IRS PROBES? Roll Call.  “As evidence mounts that the IRS is more closely scrutinizing politically active nonprofit groups, Republicans on Capitol Hill have lashed out with assaults on the tax agency and fresh demands for an explanation.”

SEC UPDATE.  Lobby Comply Blog has an important update regarding the SEC’s pay to play rules here: “The Securities and Exchange Commission has extended the date advisers and third-party solicitors must comply with new pay-to-play rules until April 2013.”

EYE ON DISCLOSURE.  Story here.  “The Supreme Court is expected Thursday to decide on a Montana case that could undercut or reaffirm the court’s controversial 2010 campaign finance decision — and don’t think Senate Democrats aren’t paying attention.”

DONOR DEMANDS.  The Times.  “In a letter to Mr. Rove and Steven Law, the president of Crossroads, Mr. Bauer urges them to immediately disclose their donors.”  More here:  “The FEC has 120 days to act on the complaint, after which Bauer could sue in federal court — generating another headline little more than two weeks before the election. A court ruling would be unlikely before 2013.”

SUPER PAC GEARING.  Story here.  “The Super PAC backing Mitt Romney said it would launch a $7.6 million television ad sweep across nine states, Reuters reports.”

ABRAMOFF DOMAIN NEWS.  Story here.  “Jack Abramoff is continuing his quest to get control of the website bearing his name, calling in a third party to try and force House Democrats to give it back.”

LOBBY/RNC MOVES.  Story here.  “Top lobby shop Ogilvy Government Relations is losing three veteran Republican lobbyists, including CEO Drew Maloney.”

TWEET DONATIONS.  Politico.  “Political donations by text message? So last week.”

MT RADAR:  A SCOTUS MULLIGAN?  Time.  “The Affordable Care Act isn’t the only consequential law whose fate the U.S. Supreme Court holds in its hands.”

ETHICS REFORM IN UT?  Story here.  “Democratic gubernatorial candidate Peter Cooke said Tuesday that Utah needs to raise the bar when it comes to its ethics standards, calling for tougher lobbyist rules, campaign contribution limits and laws governing the conduct of public officials.”

CAMPAIGN FINANCE ISSUES DOMINATE.  Story here.  “The Republican candidates for Utah attorney general spent nearly an hour in a debate Tuesday trading the same barbs that have marked their campaigns in recent days.”


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