Good morning, here are today’s political law links (6/27/12)

Q2 CASH CHASE. Roll Call. “With the June 30 second-quarter campaign fundraising deadline looming, House and Senate campaigns sent out a flurry of emails to supporters today seeking donations.”

PRESIDENT OBAMA’S VIEWS ON CAMPAIGN MONEY RACE. Story here. “In a stunning admission, President Obama — who analysts had originally thought would be history’s first $1 billion presidential candidate — told donors on Tuesday he will be outspent by Republicans in this year’s election.”

CAROLINAFEST MOVED. Story here. “Speculations are swirling about the reasons for the move, chiefly fundraising shortfalls by the committee.”

DONORS ABROAD. Politico. “Obama is tapping the network of American citizens living outside the 50 states more than any other presidential campaign has before, with more than a dozen bundlers who have pledged to raise as much as $4.5 million.”

ALLEGED CAMPAIGN OUTSOURCING. WFB. “The Obama campaign spent nearly $4,700 on telemarketing services from a Canadian telemarketing company called Pacific East between March and June, a Washington Free Beacon study of federal election filings shows.”

DISCLOSURE AND HARASSMENT.  Story here.  “The Supreme Court’s reaffirmation of Citizens United Monday has caused Democrats and opponents of the ruling to renew their push for legislation to reveal the funders of independent political activity.”

CHAMBER DONORS.  The Times.  “Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman of New York has begun investigating contributions to tax-exempt groups that are heavily involved in political campaigns, focusing on a case involving the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which has been one of the largest outside groups seeking to influence recent elections but is not required to disclose its donors.”

HOUSE ETHICS ISSUE.  Roll Call.  “Just days before the House Ethics Committee was slated to hold a rare public trial of Rep. Maxine Waters, the committee’s then-ranking member, Rep. Jo Bonner (R-Ala.), shared an email about the status of the case with a staffer in his personal office who did not serve on the committee.”

GROUND GAME TECH.  The Times.  “For all of the attention to television advertising, the Obama campaign has made an investment likely to reach hundreds of millions of dollars — a gamble, really — in its ground game, with state-of-the-art technology for demographic data mining, consumer marketing, video production and social media, including the campaign’s own Dashboard social network to link, motivate and expand the ranks of volunteers.”

CU IN ALASKA. Story here. “Tim McKeever, who in the past has worked for groups that oppose Pebble Mine, among others, recently received an advisory opinion from Alaska Public Offices Commission about corporate campaign fundraising. The opinion held that a group called Alaskans Deserve Better could solicit unlimited funds in order to support or oppose local and state candidates.”

IRS COMPLAINT FILED. Story here. “In an era where politics-finance loopholes seem to multiply every day, the IRS is sending tremors through the campaign-finance landscape.”

NEW REFORMS FOR DC? Story here. “District of Columbia Mayor Vincent Gray is proposing a broad package of campaign finance reforms, including a ban on contributions by government contractors or those seeking large contracts.”


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