Good morning, here are today’s political law links (8/17)

TWITTER POLICE.  Roll Call.  “As Twitter use has expanded, lawmakers have struggled to nail down and then conform to specific rules and regulations regarding their behavior.”

COORDINATION ISSUE ANALYSIS.  NRO.  “Campaign-finance restrictions are designed to advance progressivism, and it is natural to want to see progressives hoisted on their own petard. But those who would prefer an FEC structured to act more forcefully in this case should remember that an equally divided commission regulating politics is still better than an odd-numbered commission, and that no one who treasures open debate should want to see presidential campaigns regulated by an agency resembling today’s National Labor Relations Board.”

ADELSON VIEW.  The Times.  “By allowing Mr. Adelson to have such an outsize role in their race, the candidates themselves are placing a very risky bet.”

RNC CRUSHES JULY.  Story here.  “The Republican National Committee says it raised $37.7 million in July, for its best-ever haul for the summer month.”

HAITI LOBBYING.  Story here.  “The Haitian government has hired a one-time Clinton administration official seeking to influence U.S. officials who pledged $3 billion after a 2010 earthquake devastated the impoverished nation’s capital.”

TXT $ FEC OPINION.  The Post.  “‘We take that as a green light on this issue,’ [Jan] Baran said.”

TRANSITION WORK.  Story here.  “As part of the law, the General Services Administration acts as the liaison between the candidate and the current administration, providing the campaign with office space and other resources immediately after its party’s national convention. The G.S.A. has held three formal meetings with Mr. Romney’s team, as well as informal, weekly conference calls.”

KS:  ALLEGATIONS INVOLVING LOBBYISTS.  Story here.  “A Johnson County candidate for the Kansas Senate is accused of violating the campaign finance law for allegedly asking lobbyists to attend a fundraiser during the legislative session.”

NV:  APPLE LOBBYIST NEWS.  Story here.  “Nevada, in many ways, is a small state, with a small number of influential lobbyists who also often serve as political advisers and campaign managers.”

TN:  PAC CONDUIT ISSUE.  Story here.  “The state board that regulates campaign finance in Tennessee has launched an investigation to determine whether a Middle Tennessee health care investor used a political action committee he funded to skirt the law limiting campaign contributions.”

A FEW NEW LINKS.  I’ve added a few new links, including one to The CMDI Blog and another link to Scott Stetson’s Lobbyist Compliance Services, Inc.


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