Good morning, here are Thursday’s political law links (8/30/12)

CONVENTION COSTS.  Here.  “Federal taxpayers could be on the hook for more than $136 million to cover the cost of the major political parties’ presidential nominating conventions.”

CONVENTION ISSUES.  Story here.  “In addition to nominating former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney for president, the quadrennial gathering has offered a chance for company representatives and lobbyists to gain unusual access to public officials in an array of settings, ranging from recreational to private hotel and restaurant spots.”

TAMPA MIX.  The Times.  “Why did the ‘super PAC’ go to Tampa? Because that is where the money is.”

FINANCE EVENTS.  The Post.  “Away from the populist-tinged events of the regular Republican convention is a far more exclusive set of gatherings tailored especially to the billionaires and other well-heeled donors who have become a defining presence in the 2012 elections.”

PRES. OBAMA ON REDDIT.  WSJ.  “President Barack Obama on Wednesday suggested amending the U.S. Constitution to undo a Supreme Court decision that allows unlimited spending on elections by corporations, unions and anyone else who can write a big check, looking to highlight the influence of money in politics even as there is little he can do about it this election.”

PRES. OBAMA ON REDDIT.  CCP has analysis here.

PLATFORM ON SPENDING.  Story here.  “A series of court decisions striking down parts of McCain-Feingold — and a new nominee — have led to a new plank in the 2012 platform on regulation of campaign spending.”

ROSS TROLLING WATERS.  ABC News.  “Gov. Mitt Romney’s campaign toasted its top donors Wednesday aboard a 150-foot yacht flying the flag of the Cayman Islands.”  More details on the flag here.

GABBY PAC LAUNCH.  Story here.  “Gabby PAC, named for the former Arizona congresswoman—known as Gabby—filed a statement of organization with the Federal Election Commission this month, according to records released by the agency Tuesday.”

MORE ON TXT $.  Here.  “The Wireless Association® today released its ‘Guidelines for Federal Political Campaign Contributions via Wireless Carrier’s Bill’ to provide a framework for federal candidates to conduct political fundraising campaigns via text message.”

VOTER ID TRIAL:  ID PLEASE.  NCPPR.  “The case is being argued in a building that has a strict requirement that anyone entering must first show government-issued identification.”

IL:  DUPAGE DEFENDS.  Story here.  “As a former state lawmaker, DuPage County Board Chairman Dan Cronin says he understands the role that lobbyists play in the democratic process.”

SC:  MORE ON REFORMS.  Story here.  “In what one leader called an ‘unusual alliance,’ S.C. fiscal conservative, environmental and voting-rights groups banded together to call for ethics law changes Wednesday – a week after Gov. Nikki Haley unveiled her plans.”


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