Good morning, here are today’s political law links (9/12)

ROBOCALL REMINDER.  FCC.  “The TCPA and the Commission’s rules set forth restrictions that govern the use of prerecorded voice messages and automated telephone dialing systems, which may include certain political calls. These restrictions vary according to whether a call is delivered to a business or residential landline telephone, a cell phone, or some other category of protected telephone lines such as toll-free lines, emergency lines, or those lines servicing hospitals, nursing homes, and paging systems.” (H/T Shaun Dakin.)

RYAN ADS.  Story here.  “Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan plans to begin airing ads in Wisconsin as he asks voters to elect him to an eighth House term that he hopes to never serve.”

EXPIRING OCE.  Roll Call.  “Now, the terms of at least half of the office’s eight board members will expire at the end of this Congress, and they cannot be reappointed, creating the first mandated turnover since the office was created.”

EC’S ON ICE.  The Van Hollen argument is Friday.

POST-PUBLIC FINANCING.  The Times.  “Say goodbye to the traditional fall fund-raising slowdown, when big-dollar bundlers could go back to their day jobs, major donors could put away their wallets and candidates could focus on shaking hands and kissing babies on the campaign trail. For the first time since the inception of public financing, each party’s candidate is declining the money for the general election.”

IL LAW UPHELD. Story here. “A federal appeals court on Monday upheld an Illinois state law that requires advocacy groups to disclose their donors, even in the case of an organization whose main purpose is unrelated to elections.”

PRO-MACK SUPER PAC. Politico. “Freedom PAC, the super PAC supporting Rep. Connie Mack in his Senate run in Florida against incumbent Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson, is going on air for the next two weeks with a spot featuring the Republican hopeful speaking.”

DC: BROWN CAMPAIGN MISSING. The Post. “D.C. Council member Michael A. Brown reported late Monday that more than $100,000 is missing from his campaign treasury, essentially wiping out his account and prompting questions about his reelection bid.”

MD: ETHICS IN PG COUNTY. Story here. ”The expanded ethics office, which would have a budget of about $375,000, would for the first time have a full-time executive director and two investigators to probe criminal acts in county government.”

MN:  STATE OF PLAY.  Story here.  “Minnesota’s campaign watchdog says corporations and other groups are still required to reveal campaign fundraising and spending later this month after a federal appeals court found part of the state’s disclosure law probably unconstitutional.”

NM: NEW SUPER PAC. Story here. “Labor unions and a retiring Democratic legislative leader have provided nearly $400,000 to a newly formed political group planning to make independent campaign expenditures in New Mexico, including races that will determine whether Democrats retain control of the Legislature.”

NM: LAS CRUCES CLOSER. Story here. “The Las Cruces City Council was presented Monday with the findings of a Campaign Finance Ad-Hoc Committee formed to recommend changes to the existing municipal campaign finance reporting system.”

RI: TRAVEL DISCLOSURE. Story here. “The Rhode Island Ethics Commission has voted to take a step toward creating a new rule requiring the disclosure by elected officials of out-of-state travel.”


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